Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection

Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection
Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection
Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection
Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection

Supergiant: the 10th Anniversary Collection









    Supergiant Gamesとiam8bitは、長年話し合ってきたプロジェクトを発表できることを誇りに思っています。
    これは、Supergiant Gamesが10周年記念として発表できるのを長く待ち望んでいた非常に壮大なものです。


    『バスティオン』、『トランジスター』と『パイアー』は完全にユニークなヴィジョンですが、共通のスレッド、つまり、あなたを各世界に連れてゆく音楽という点を共有しています。 ダレン・コーブによって丁寧に作曲されたこれらの3つのゲームのスコアは、インディーズ・ゲームの世界の外で有名になり、これまでで最も愛されているゲーム・サウンドトラックのひとつになりました。 この豪華で全体を網羅した(そしてかなり重い)レコード・ボックスセットは、各ゲームのコアミュージック7枚と、未発表ボーナス曲集5枚(『Transistor Extended』、『Pyre:White Lute』と『Pyre - The Black Mandolin』)さらに最愛のハデスからのボーナス7インチ。まさにスーパー真剣なスーパージャイアント・ファンのためのコレクションです。

    Album List


    Get Used to It

    A Proper Story
    In Case of Trouble
    Bynn the Breaker
    The Sole Regret
    Twisted Streets
    Terminal March
    Percy's Escape
    Faith of Jevel
    Mine, Windbag, Mine
    Slinger's Song
    Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)
    Spike in a Rail
    What's Left Undone
    Brusher Patrol
    The Mancer's Dilemma
    Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme)
    Pale Watchers
    The Bottom Feeders
    From Wharf to Wilds
    Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) 
    The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You)


    Old Friends
    Stained Glass
    The Spine 
    Vanishing Point

    In Circles 
    Gold Leaf 
    Water Wall 
    She Shines 
    Apex Beat
    Cut Apart
    We All Become
    Blank Canvas
    Paper Boats 

    Transistor Extended

    (NEVER BEFORE on Vinyl!)


    Old Friends (Hummed) 
    Stained Glass (Hummed) 
    Forecast (Hummed) 
    The Spine (Instrumental) 
    Coasting (Hummed) 
    Vanishing Point (Hummed) 
    Traces (Hummed)
    Water Wall (Hummed) 
    In Circles (Instrumental) 
    Gold Leaf (Hummed) 
    Heightmap (Hummed) 
    Dormant (Hummed) 
    Apex Beat (Hummed) 
    Gateless (Hummed) 
    Sandbox (Hummed) 
    We All Become (Instrumental) 
    Interlace (Hummed) 
    Tangent (Hummed) 
    Signals (Instrumental) 
    Impossible (Hummed) 
    Blank Canvas (Hummed) 
    Paper Boats (Instrumental) 
    V_n_sh_ng P__nt 
    G_ld L__f 
    _n C_rcl_s 



    In the Flame 
    Downside Ballad
    Path to Glory 
    Life Sentence 
    Surviving Exile 
    Forbidden Knowledge 
    Through the Valley 
    Night Howlers 
    The Herald 
    Mourning Song
    The Eight Scribes 
    Glorious Tradition 
    Flutter Fly 
    Thrash Pack 
    A Step Closer 
    Dirty Deal 
    Sinking Feeling 
    Dread Design 
    Snake Soul 
    Strange Voyage 
    Quest for Honor 
    Knights of the Sea 
    Vagrant Song 
    Shattered Lands 
    Talon Sheath 
    Sky Dance 
    Certain Plan
    Grand Ceremony 
    To the Stars 
    The Old Ways 
    Never to Return 
    Time Passes
    The Blackwagon
    Rage of Demons 
    Will of the Scribes 
    New Union
    Bound Together 

    Pyre - The White Lute

    (NEVER BEFORE on Vinyl!)


    In the Flame (Acoustic Instrumental) 
    Downside Ballad (Acoustic) 
    Path to Glory (Acoustic) 
    Surviving Exile (Acoustic) 
    Forbidden Knowledge (Acoustic) 
    Moon-Touched (Acoustic) 
    Through the Valley (Acoustic) 
    Night Howlers (Acoustic) 
    The Herald (Acoustic) 
    The Eight Scribes (Acoustic) 
    Glorious Tradition (Acoustic) 
    Flutter Fly (Acoustic) 
    Thrash Pack (Acoustic) 
    A Step Closer (Acoustic) 
    Dirty Deal (Acoustic) 
    Sinking Feeling (Acoustic) 
    Dread Design (Acoustic) 
    Snake Soul (Acoustic) 
    Strange Voyage (Acoustic) 
    Quest for Honor (Acoustic) 
    Knights of the Sea (Acoustic) 
    Vagrant Song (Instrumental) 
    Shattered Lands (Acoustic)
    Talon Sheath (Acoustic) 
    Sky Dance (Acoustic) 
    Certain Plan (Acoustic) 
    Grand Ceremony (Acoustic) 
    To the Stars (Acoustic) 
    Never to Return (Acoustic Instrumental) 
    Time Passes (Acoustic) 
    Rage of Demons (Acoustic) 
    Will of the Scribes (Acoustic) 

    Pyre - The Black Mandolin

    (NEVER BEFORE on Vinyl!)


    Never to Return: The Accusers 
    Never to Return: The Fate 
    Never to Return: The Dissidents 
    Never to Return: The Withdrawn 
    Never to Return: The Pyrehearts 
    Never to Return: The Essence 
    Never to Return: The Chastity 

    Never to Return: The Tempers 

    Hades 7”


    Out of Tartarus 
    Lament of Orpheus



      “Bastion is special. The soundtrack is phenomenal, the world is breathtaking, and the narration is a brilliant new idea for gaming.” —PC Gamer

      Winner - Best Original Score - Spike Video Game Awards 2011


      “Looks good, sounds even better. As beautiful and evocative as the visuals in Transistor are, it's the game's use of music and voice acting that set it apart aesthetically.” —Polygon

      Winner - Excellence in Music Score - SXSW Gaming Awards 2014


      “Pyre enchants your eyes and ears with beauty at every turn.” —GameSpot

      Winner - Best Indie - Game Informer's RPG of the Year Awards 2017