Fastfall: Dustforce Vinyl Soundtrack

Fastfall: Dustforce Vinyl Soundtrack


translation missing: ja.products.product.regular_price ¥3,300

  • Music by LIFEFORMED

  • Art by Drew Wise

  • Includes download code for the full Dustforce game and digital soundtrack (Steam - PC/Mac/Linux). *Code will be inside the album jacket.

  • 150-gram Vinyl

  • Limited Edition of 1,000




Keep your dust away from this vinyl!

Back in 2012 the indie game Dustforce swept us away with its gorgeous visuals, gameplay, and music.

LIFEFORMED composed one of our favorite game soundtracks ever, and we’re excited to press it on vinyl for the very first time.

This soundtrack has been specifically mastered for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering Studio


1. Cider Time
2. 9-bit Expedition
3. Elvish Piper Academy
4. Fifty FPS Forest
5. Swimming While It Rains
6. The Magnetic Tree
7. Electric Relic
8. It's Not supposed To Be Snowing


9. Pillars of Pepper
10. Frozen Hot Sauce
11. Sepia Tone Laboratory
12. Upside Down Stalagmite
13. Baryogenesis
14. Introduction
15. Your Favorite Color
16. Dream Salvage

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