Gone Home (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

Gone Home (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

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●Exclusive Physical Edition

Premium Reversible Cover Insert

Foldout Poster

Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility



- Polygon, Paste, Killscreen -


- British Academy Game Awards, Game Developer Choice Awards -


Five years ago, Gone Home defined a genre, trailblazing the seminal “walking simulation” category to further solidify that emotional, complex and subtlety in gaming narrative has a rightful place within our psyche. When Katie returns from an overseas journey, she discovers that no one is home. What unfolds is what The New York Times hailed as “The Greatest Video Game Love Story Ever Told,” and we couldn’t agree more. iam8bit (in collaboration with The Fullbright Company and Annapurna Interactive), is very proud that a game as storied and influential as Gone Home is our very first Nintendo Switch Physical Edition.