The Artful Escape 2xLP

The Artful Escape 2xLP
The Artful Escape 2xLP

The Artful Escape 2xLP

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・ Psychedelic blue and pink color records 2 discs

・ Includes eternal masterpieces such as "The Banks of the River Are with Gold", "Ode to Lightman", "The City of Glimmer", and exciting songs.

・ Music: Johnny Galvatron / Josh Abrahams

・ Artwork: Jim Rug

The music is "Ji Artful Escape]Heart and Seoul in adventure in a different world. DeveloperBEETHOVEN & DINOSAURThe debut work is a deeply personal thought through the rock and roll prism. The protagonist Francis Wendetti discovers himself through the power of music and departs on a galaxy journey beyond space -time.

IAM8bit is a publisherAnnapurna interactive,andBEETHOVEN & DINOSAURIn cooperation with, "Ji Artful Escape]You can't help but make a record board suitable for the glovy charm. It is a game made in the most jiggy Stardust.

What is recorded here is ridiculous (rude).Josh AbrahamandJohnny GalvatronThis is the best version of the psychedelic soundtrack of this game, such as "The Banks of the River Are Lined with Gold", "Ode to Lightman", and "The City of Glimmer", and it's exciting. Includes groovy songs.

And it is a talented and multiple manga artist / illustrator that can provide artwork suitable for this album.Gym rugThere will be no other. this is,"Ji Artful Escape]It was made to listen to the sound. -Wait ... No, I've already experienced it.

Track list

[Side A]

The Banks of the River aRE LINED WITH GOLD
All that glitters is not gold
IF It Don_T Work out
Folk Sci-Fi Bedroom
A Thin Film of Atmosphere
Ode to Lightman
LightMans Part A
LightMans Part B

[Side B]

The Cosmic Extraordinary Theme
Lightman presents ...
Heliotromms Theme
Forest Theme
Shopping District

[Side C]

The Ruby Cola
A Chance not taken
The City of Glimmer
A Theme for Mountain Ridges
GlimmerDimm Choir
The Lumiere Violente
GlimmerDimm Synth

[Side D]

Hyperion Wailzone Opening Scene
Hyperion Welcoming
F Maj Hyperion Wailzone Theme
Lily Pad Drunk Funk
Village TurntableS
Hovercar Theme
The Darkest Hour Theme