FAQ: Delivery

How many days does it take to ship?

Of the products you have ordered, we will ship stock products within 5-7 business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and year -end and New Year holidays). Reserved products and restock products will be shipped within 3-5 business days after arrival (excluding weekends, holidays, and year -end and New Year holidays). If both stock products and reserved products or restock products are included in one order, 3 to 5 business days after reserved or restocked products (excluding weekends, holidays, and year -end and New Year holidays) Please note that it will be shipped within it.


With the shipping fee

The shipping fee will be displayed on the cart page → Customer information page, so please check it on the delivery method page. The order will not be confirmed until the payment method is subsequently entered and confirmed on the payment method page.


I received the email of the product shipment, but the product did not arrive afterwards.

If you have not delivered the ordered item, you will receive the relevant product shipping notification email within 30 days after you receive the product."Inquiry form"Please let me know more. Please note that we will not be able to respond to contact after 20 days. We will arrange a request for a survey with the delivery company as soon as the customer has not received it. Usually, within 10 business days, we will inform you the survey results and take necessary measures.


What happens if the product is lost during delivery?

If the product is lost in the procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph, the refund or redelivery procedure will be performed immediately. In the case of redelivery, please note that the delivery time differs depending on the presence or absence of stock.

How many days does it take to respond to delivery products?

For inquiries such as loss or delay at the time of delivery, please contact us within 40 days after delivering the shipping email. We will contact you for the response results within 10 business days after receiving the contact.


What if the product was damaged?

If the delivered product is damaged, within 7 days of deliveryInquiry formPlease let us know from.

・ Order number (starting with#8bitjp)
・ Simple explanation of damaged parts
・ Photos of damaged parts

Until the response is confirmed just in case, please save the damaged product and packing materials such as the exterior. We will contact you to the customer in consideration of the degree of damage, the presence of stock, etc.