The Art of Psychonauts 2 (Hardcover Book)

The Art of Psychonauts 2 (Hardcover Book)

The Art of Psychonauts 2 (Hardcover Book)

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・ 250+ Page Luxurious Hard Cover Artbook

・ Unpublished concept art and developer interviews are posted!

-ASHLEY ESQUEDA, a writer and program host, is written.

・ Book design: Lost in Cult

・ Introduction: Announcement later!

The world of "PSYCHONAUTS", such as vacant lots illuminated by campfires, "psychedoves", and candy stripes circus tents, are lively inspiring based on various inspiration. It is a pasteche drawn drawn in. However, "PSYCHONAUTS" is not a game that only releases wild imagination on the screen. Each level is wonderfully built, each character is thought out, and each model is realized under the intention of carefully kneaded.

The IAM8bit has started as the world's first pop culture art show, so we don't know what we know about aesthetics. Thanks to this luxurious hard -cover artbook "The Art of Psychonauts 2", fans can glimpse the back of the creative curtains of game development, and see what cannot be seen. You can. Of course, you can expect beautiful full -page art and beautiful sentences, but we are preparing a bigger, even better surprise. This book is for enjoying "PSYCHONAUTS", and can be expected to be unusual in addition to many beautiful photos.

"The Art of Psychonauts 2" is an unreleased concept art, interview, and developer, written by Ashley Esqueda, a highly evaluated writer and program host, and Lost In Cult's Jon Doyle was in charge of design and layout. The excellent staff of Double Fine Productions and the publisher Xbox Game Studios will show more insights on the development of reputable platformers.

If you fail to support the crowdfunding campaign for "PSYCHONAUTS 2" in 2016, you have a chance to get a part of the Double Fine history. There is no need to worry!