Rez Infinite original soundtrack CD

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Rez Infinite - Original Soundtrack 2CD

Rez Infinite original soundtrack CD

SKU: Rez_Infinite_CD
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An original soundtrack album that contains a sharp dynast track that has been innovative with "Rez". Fans who missed the previous work "Gamer's Guide to ..." that are now unavailable! Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of "REZ", also enclosed a liner notes that talked about the evolution process from "Rez" the night before the birth of "REZ"!

Disc 1
1.Buggie Running Beeps 01 / Keiichi Sugiyama
2.Protocol Rain / Mist
3.Creation The State of Art / Ken ISHII
4.Rock is sponge / joujouka
5.fear / Adam FreeLand
6. Boss Attacks / ColdCut and Tim Bran
7.f6 G5 /EBZ
8.Octaeder 0.1 / OVAL
9.Creative State / Ken Ishii

Disc 2
1.Awakening / hydelic * ︎ First CD recording
2. Wide Echoes / Hydelic * First CD recording
3.CYCLE OF SILENCE / HYDELIC ︎ * First CD recording
4. Butterfly Effect (Instrumental Mix) / Hydelic * ︎ First CD recording
5. Butterfly Effect / Hydelic * First CD recording
6. Singularity x / hydelic * First CD recording
7.starlight infinite / hydelic * ︎ First CD recording

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