Old Man's Journey -2XLP 10 "Vinyl SoundTrack

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Old Man&
Old Man&
Old Man&

Old Man's Journey -2XLP 10 "Vinyl SoundTrack

SKU: old_mans_journey
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■ 25cmlp 2
Clothing jacket specification
4 postcards enclosed
Artwork: Arno Kiss
Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide



      "Journey around the memory of grandpa"(IOS / Android / PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4)Is a work that caused a lot of awards and nominations, including the nomination for the awards "The Game AWARDS 2017" selected by the world's game media, and the "App Store Games of the Year -Best of 2017". SCNTFC, who was in charge of the music, has a history of working on many video works and game music, working on the sound design of the X-BOX dashboard screen and the music of "OxenFree", which released the soundtrack by IAM8bit. A lot of gentle touching music that matches the video of the game and the memories of grandpa is sublimated into artworks with a 25cmlp 2 -piece set of 2 25cmlp, a 2nd set of cloth in Belgian art director / illustrator, Arano Kiss. 。



      Side A
      1. The Beginning
      2. Top of the town
      3. into the Water

      Side B
      4. OceanSide
      5. Carry me far
      6. Longview
      7. The Island

      Side C
      8. TWO TOWERS, Stonewall, The Bridge

      Side d
      9. THE FALL PARTS I and II
      10. The Last Step
      11. The End