Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack

Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack
Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack
Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack
Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack

Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack

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Scheduled to ship mid-October to late-October 2024.

Music from the Oscar-Nominated Animated Film Nimona
Soundtrack on Shapeshifter Pink vinyl
Score composed by Christophe Beck
Featuring the original song “T-Rex” by K.Flay
Album Art by Aidan Sugano

Based on ND Stevenson’s webcomic-turned-graphic novel, the Oscar-nominated film Nimona is all about subverting expectations and telling authorities to go kick rocks. The story of a wannabe villain sidekick shapeshifter and her in-over-his-head “boss” is, at once, an animated devil-may-care romp through a science fantasy world and a poignant, thoughtful exploration of the fluidity of identity and self-expression. 

The music of Nimona mirrors this dichotomy, too. Composer Christophe Beck marries Middle Age influences with punk rock style “in-your-face” riffs that absolutely shred, crafting a rich tapestry of music that’s somehow both unshakably classic and unafraid of the new and unknown. 

iam8bit is proud to partner with our friends at Netflix and Annapurna Pictures to bring you that score, packaged with all the love, care, and reckless creativity that it deserves. This is the Nimona Vinyl Soundtrack, pressed on Shapeshifter Pink wax and packed with fire, mayhem, jams, and even more fire. 

In addition to Christophe Beck’s incredible score, it also features the original anthem “T-Rex” by the incomparable K.Flay with one helluva needle drop to get the party started. Plus, the gorgeous album art from Aidan Sugano, the film’s production designer, is a loving graphical tribute to Nimona and Ballister’s unique, unforgettable friendship. 

If we were to describe this release in just one word? Metal. Don’t miss out.


[Side A]

T-Rex (from the Netflix Film “Nimona”)
Nimona’s Theme
The Legend of Gloreth
The Night to Knight
Everybody Hates You Too
Born to Protect
Last Stop

[Side B]

The Search
Say It
Back to the Shadows
Let’s Go
Please Come Back
Gloreth’s Theme
Ballister’s Theme

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