Neon White Soundtrack Part 2 “The Burn That Cures”

Neon White Soundtrack Part 2 “The Burn That Cures”
Neon White Soundtrack Part 2 “The Burn That Cures”

Neon White Soundtrack Part 2 “The Burn That Cures”

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・2xLP on Neon Green and Blue Splatter Vinyl
・Music by Machine Girl
・Album Design by Ben Esposito
・Illustration by Rebecca Ryan

The music of Neon White draws from the vibes of turn-of-the-millenia electronica, evoking mental flashbacks of PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast startup screens. It’s a brilliantly constructed soundtrack, built in the way only the experts known the world over as Machine Girl are capable of. This is music for freaks, by freaks, and it needs to be heard to be believed. 

What better way to hear it than with a proper iam8bit vinyl release? Angels, say hi to the Neon White Soundtrack Part 2: “The Burn That Cures” 2xLP. It’s more than an hour of weirdo-approved Machine Girl music, pressed on Neon Green and Blue Splatter vinyl. 

You want hot throwback album art? We’ve got it. Artist Rebecca Ryan nailed the old-school aesthetic, and Neon White creator Ben Esposito brought the album’s design together into one triumphant package.

Volume 2 is loaded with big beats, retro record scratches, and hot, fresh loops crafted especially for Neon White’s sick story cutscenes and even sicker boss rumbles. Check out Volume 1 here for even more electronic goodness.

Track List

[Side A]
Peace of Mind
Heaven Central Authority (Mikey's Theme)
Heavenly Delight
Completely Clueless
Light in the Fog (Red's Theme)

[Side B]
Neon Bar
Squirt of Lemon (Raz's Theme)
Suncoast Suite
Fist Bump (Yellow's Theme)
Rude Interlude
Pearly Gate Promenade
Bloody Sneakers (Violet's Theme)
Millennium Escalator

[Side C]
Out of Bounds
Ringer of Bells
Dark Twist
Mechanical Halo (Green's Theme)
Coin Flip
Stained Glass
Apples & Honey

[Side D]
Holy Ground
Be Not Afraid
Light in the Fog, Pt. 2
Milennium Staircase
Fade to White