Flowery/Flowy Analog Records

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Flower Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP
Flowery/Flowy Analog Records

Flowery/Flowy Analog Records

SKU: Flower_Vinyl
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"Flowery" (original title: Flower), which is also called the sequel to "Flow", travels in a world with no letters or scores. Many awards have been received, and in 2013, the Smithsonian Museum has decided to be a permanent product, and has reached a higher level of beautiful music composed by Vincent Diamante. Why don't you listen to this LP together with beautiful artwork by Philip Hodas, a 3D graphic artist living in Prague?

■ 2 -disc color vinyl
■ Music: Vincent Diamante
■ Artwork: Philip Hodas (Filip Hodas)

Side A
1. Drifting off
2. Life as a flower
3. Peaceful Repose

Side B
1. Splash of color
2. Sailing on the wind

Side C
1. NightTime Excursion
2. Solitary Wasteland

Side d
1. Floating on a gentle
2. Purification of the c
3. Lazy Daydream