Chicory Piano Collections Vinyl Soundtrack

Chicory Piano Collections Vinyl Soundtrack
Chicory Piano Collections Vinyl Soundtrack

Chicory Piano Collections Vinyl Soundtrack

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・ The piano carver of the game "Chicory" that was a huge hit in indie!
・ Pink color record version soundtrack
・ Piano arrangement and performance: Trevor Alan Gomes
・ Mix: Caleb Parke
・ Composition: Lena Raine
・ Artwork: David René CHRISTENSEN

"Arts decorate the space. Music is a way to decorate time" Jean -Michel Baskia

Designer Greg Robernov has created an allegory with the theme of recovering the color to the worldless world in "Chicolly", depicting the praise of creativity and the patience of facing a loss of self -confidence. 。 We, the IAM8bit, also felt that the theme of this game was resonated, relevant, and impressive.

If there is a wonderful reproduction of the music of this game that won numerous awards to celebrate the story full of inspiration, it is not so great. The appearance of "Chicory: Piano Collection". Composer Lena Raine's rich and lively soundtrack is a composer and pianist Trevor Alan Gomes, which is new to this new album. I was killed in my life. The magic of the 88 keyboard creates a "chicory" sound that you have never heard before.

In addition, David René Christensen created a new album art for this work, with the theme of the creativity of the game itself. It is an artistic work and a crystal of love.

Track list

[Side A]

Town of Luncheon
Chicory's Theme
DINNERS, The Big City
Appie Fathers

[Side B]

Simmer Springs
Dessert Mountain
Do the iMPossible
The Mountain Top