Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons
Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

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 ・ Teal Splatter Vinal 2 -disc LP

・ Horofile processing twisted jacket

Music: McLane Deamer, Michael Choi, Sojin Luu, Andy Roselund, Brian Atkinson, Lena Rain, Joyce Kwon

・ Album Design: Oly Hoff

As the name suggests, it is a decisive moment in the history of Guild Wars 2 and the accompanying music journey. End of Dragons certainly tells the collapse of those with lovable and evil scales, but at the same time tells you a new beginning of a video game soundtrack colored in the tradition of South Korea. 。 For the last 10 years, Maestro, Maclane Deamer, who has been supporting game software, has formed a super team consisting of musicians, vocalists, and scholars from Korea, and has completed a great arrangement of the album with a big dream and a sense of excitement. Not only this work, Guild Wars, but also the best orchestra in the last 10 years of game soundtracks, and the awards such as BAFTA are noticed. It is a magnificent thing that is scattered with decadent nuances, and if you close your eyes, you will feel like you will rarely hear the spells of an instrument that you rarely hear in works outside of Korea. In particular, "The Cycle Ends" is one of the transcendental and unexpected trucks that are fascinated by tapestry, which is fascinated by the magnificence of musical instruments and the singing voice of a traditional Korean opera. Inheriting the traditions following "Heart of Thorns" and "Path of Fire", Iam8bit is very proud to be able to produce the third "Guild Wars 2" record version in collaboration with Arenanet.

If you want to know more about Korean traditional music, Gugaku, we strongly recommend this material. It's very wonderful.

Track list

[Side A]

02. Captain of the Aetherblades
04.StrangeLy Familiar Place
05. Winds of Change
06.canthan justice
07. Hallowed Ground
08.Shadows of Seitung

[Side B]

01.Solace and Respitee
02.City Tensions
03. Danger Lurks in the Jade
04. Heart of the Machine
05.Whose Side Are You on
06.Soojung Heights
07. IShan's Watch
08.A Future Carved in Jade

[Side C]

01.A New Era of Heroes
02.the view from avove
03.the slums
04.House Zu Heltzer
05.Kestrel's Watch
06.lament of the lutgardises
07. Stone and Bark
08.Edge of Annihilation

[Side D] 

01.Tengu Village
03.Junkyard Strife
04.Remnants of the Betrayer
05.The Cycle Ends